As a doctor in TMJ practice, I have treated TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), headaches, head and neck discomfort, and more. I have worked with neurologists, psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and natural health practitioners. Because of the multifaceted experience I have gained in this field, I bring a unique ability to my patients.
Providing you with relief from the adverse effects of these conditions has become one of the primary focuses of my dental practice. My goal is to allow you to be pain-free and thereby improve your quality of life.

My approach is a comprehensive program for treating TMJ problems. Our practice offers an all natural, nonsurgical program for treating TMJ problems and related symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, bruxism (clenching and teeth grinding), tinnitus (ringing in the ears possibly from neck pain, clenching and teeth grinding), and jaw pain. We offer a complete in-office service which may include orthotic appliance, massage therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, computer evaluation of head/neck/biting forces and their relationship to healthy muscle and joint positioning, as well as outstanding home products and home painless microcurrent units for gentle healing of muscles and joints. We include complete, easy- to-follow directions and support.

For over 30 years, more than 90% of our patients have reported that their headaches and other problems were "gone" once treatment was completed.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Decrease compression on the pain sensitive tissues within the posterior joint area.
  • Re-establish proper physiologic positioning, allowing the body to heal and decrease the chances of further pain and dysfunction.
  • Decrease adverse behaviors such as clenching and grinding.
  • Open the airway space thereby decreasing sympathetic arousal at night and decreasing Bruxism.

I hope you find the information on our website to be helpful and informative. Our testimonials page will tell you how we have successfully eliminated these conditions and why people travel here from almost every state as well as other countries seeking relief.